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Chin Up Tits Out Keyring


Glittery GOODNESS and a mantra for life. Wherever you are, whatever shoes you’re wearing, this sparkly keyring is here to remind you that you’ve got this. Whatever this is, you’ve got it. You’ve got heaps of it. You’ve got so much of it that you might need to take a little rest because it’s heavy and you’re wearing heels. That’s fine. Rest is good. Now, pick it back up, and remember: chin up, tits out. The world is yours, babe. 

Made with hard enamel, gold plating and tons of glitter, this keyring is your daily reminder to release your inner queen. Seriously, she’s hungry. Get her some cake. Buy as a sassy treat for yourself or for the BOSS lady in your life. This one’s a snazzy revamp of our original sellout keyring – in a new, larger size that’s super satisfying to hold. 

This keyring is part of our Play collection – a celebration of colour, shape and playfulness, blended with our self-lovey vibe and endlessly practical designs to create products you just want to surround yourself with. From dreamy desk pads to keyrings, prints, stickers and washi tape, the Play range is an absolute PLETHORA of loveliness. 


  • The perfect size to find in your bag!
  • Packed with glittery goodness
  • Made from hard enamel
  • Coated with gorgeous gold plating
  • Chip resistant
  • 58 mm x 50 mm

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